About me

   I was born in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. I currently reside in Reykjavík, Iceland.
I finish my diploma in Creative Photography in January 2015 from The school of Photography in Reykjavík, Iceland

About the images
   I have been making some kind of images as long as I can remember myself. Drawing, painting, sculpting and photographing whatever comes to my mind. I have so much difficulty with speaking my mind and I've always preferred communicating through images and art. I like to create my own world in my images where I am free to escape to whenever I tire of normalcy.
  I like to try out lots of techniques and use different mediums and equipment. Some of my photos are on film and others are digital. I use every thing from a Canon Mark III 5D to a little toy Diana camera and I love to create little pictures on my Iphone.

Making images come to life completes who I am and I am one step closer to my self discovery.


Please feel free to contact me about anything related to my photography or if you want to buy prints or order a portrait session.

Contact Info:
Email: evita@evitaphotography.com
Phone: (+354) 659 1001


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